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glogg development version v0.99.1 released

This is a further pre-version of v1.0 to be released soon.

It brings some corrections and refinements to the tabbed interface. It still needs a lot of testing so please feel free to comment on the mailing list or raise an issue on GitHub when you experience problems.

Opening a file in an existing instance especially needs some extra testing.

Main changes from v0.99.0:

  • Opening a file now uses an already running instance of glogg if one is present (on Windows and, optionally, Linux).
  • Supports command line options to allow multiple instances (-m) and to ignore the previous session (-s)
  • Attempt to cleanly closes the file in case of memory full condition (instead of crashing!).
  • Add logging capabilities for debugging on Windows.

Please see the git log at http://github.com/nickbnf/glogg/commits/master for the detailed changelog.

—16 May 2014