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glogg v0.9.2 released

This version introduces several new features and is expected to be the last major feature version before starting the 1.0 branch.

Main changes from v0.9.1:

  • Support incremental search for QuickFind (‘/’ or ‘Ctrl+F’).
  • Add (optional) line numbers to either or both views.
  • Show the location of matches on the overview when hovering onto them.
  • ‘Follow’ mode now works in both windows.
  • Add some Windows friendly keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add a ‘select all’ feature and block selecting with shift+click.
  • Fix QuickFind directions to behave like vim (‘*’, ‘#’, ‘n’ and ‘N’).
  • Add an option to have QuickFind ignore the case.

Please see the git log at http://github.com/nickbnf/glogg/commits/master for the detailed changelog.

—02 Oct 2013